Desert heart, homeward bound


Caleb Trask drinks deep from the the desert folk-rock traditions of Los Angeles, finding inspiration also in the wider American musical and literary canon. Fans of California voices from Jackson Browne to Connor Oberst, as well as those of songwriters like Noah Gundersen and Josh Ritter, will recognize a tender violence in his sound that puts lyrics at the center.

The Across the Water EP was featured in Noisetrade's New & Notable releases of 2017, where they called it “A promising debut effort from one of Los Angeles’ sincerest emerging singer-songwriters.” The EP is transcontinental from conception—the songs were penned on the banks of the Amazon delta, but they yearn homeward, toward the hills and coastline of California.

Trask is currently at work on a full-length record with producer Chris Schlarb at BIG EGO Studios with a projected 2019 release.